Amazon Fire TV gets a Redesigned UI and New Features: Here’s what has Upgraded

Amazon Fire TV gets a major update

As you would know, Amazon seldom upgrades the Fire TV user interface. This latest version would definitely satisfy current Fire TV owners as it offers simpler UI and multi-user assistance. Alexa will also be upgraded for improved voice recognition and a minimal gui when called. 

Great news for the owners of Fire TV! Amazon is rolling out a major redesign for the Fire TV User Interface (UI) while introducing a few extra functionalities. The organization calls it the “all-new Fire TV experience.” Today, a phased roll-out has begun, which Amazon promises will complete in the coming weeks.

What is This Redesign, Anyway?

The first big improvement, of course, is the UI. Amazon has rendered it even simpler by introducing a new “Home” tab that contains the main menu in the center. The latest gui is designed to make it easy to navigate your favorite apps. There are also different live program tabs, the library, and a new Find option. This helps you to browse through categories, content forms, and applications. 

The second big improvement is the inclusion of multi-user assistance. Each customer can obtain a suggestion and watch lists that are tailored for each profile. You would be able to build up to six accounts. This includes one for children, who have parental controls that are restricted to family-friendly content. 

Amazon has also enhanced the integration with Alexa. Alexa would be able to recognize your voice and turn to your profile automatically. You’re still going to be able to ask Alexa to move between parts. In comparison, Alexa will no longer cover the computer when called. It’s all going to be at the bottom of the display. 

The previously confirmed Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick Lite will get the remodeled UI later this year while other devices will get it by early next year.

The Arrival of Profiles

The greatest new change to the Fire TV update is the introduction of profiles. Yes, Fire TV Stick users may now shift between up to six profiles for individuals and families or flatmates. Each of these profiles has its own customized suggestions dependent on the background of viewing. Although Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service had consumer profiles for some time now the functionality did not apply to the Fire TV hardware itself. As such, programs and movies may have been proposed, depending on everything that was watched on the telly. 

So, Fire TV will recommend new movies focused on those seen by parents in the evening and also children in the morning. Needless to mention, this might contribute to some pretty misleading ideas or might lead younger audiences to come upon a front-and-center show on the homepage of Fire TV. 

Likewise, shortcuts to resume boxsets will appear side-by-side without any distinction depending on who was viewing the program. 

With the introduction of these latest user profiles, these shortcuts can also be segregated depending on who signed in while you binge via a sequence. So if you’re only a couple of episodes away from Game Of Thrones and Industry, however, your partner’s tied to the season finale – they’ll be different and only show when the right individual logs in.

What Else You Should Know About the Upgrade?

Not just that; but each user profile will get own Watch List. This means you’ll be able to plan ahead a list of movies to indicate that you’re eager to watch – and that won’t bother someone else who watches the same stuff as they’re going to be able to build their own lists. Profiles can guarantee that everybody has a highly customized experience by using Fire TV. Till now, that’s just true for people who live alone or have a single Fire TV Stick in every space in the building. 

As well as profiles, Amazon has tweaked the way it allows suggestions. After the change, you can see a new Find tab at the top of the user interface. This is built to pull together all the boxsets and movies that Amazon feels you’re going to love based on your previous watching. As previously, it would provide reviews from many digital platforms; not just Prime Video. So prepare to see fresh box sets from Disney, Cringe, and Netflix in the mix. 

For fans across the United States, the recent update now contains a new Live tab that collects all that is actually being shown. It’s a shame that this isn’t actually accessible in the UK; particularly considering that Amazon is already streaming a lot of Premier League features. Also, Amazon has the rights to several ATP tournaments. But it’s real that there is less linear broadcast material available for streaming on Fire TV in the UK than in the US for now.

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