Is your Apple pencil not working? Then, here is the troubleshooting guide.

The majority of people purchase Apple pencils because of their convenience. It allows users to draw easily, sketch, take notes and mark up documents. Artists have basically everything they need to sketch, draw, and colorize artwork on their touch screen device with the Apple Pencil.

This is because the Apple iPad includes features such as palm rejection and pressure sensitivity, which are essential for most digital artists. Whatever the reason you opt for an Apple pencil, you want it to work as smoothly as possible. When your Apple pencil is not working, it is kind of intimidating, and all your essential duties can get halted in an instant.

After investigating this issue closely, we found the reasons and solutions to overcome it. Let’s have an insight into it.

Why my Apple pencil is not working

The Apple pencil has a plethora of applications. It can assist you in doing all of your tasks at your convenience. Like any other electronic device, Apple Pencil can have difficulties that prevent it from performing as intended.

There can be many possible reasons behind your Apple pencil not working, which may include the loosely tightened nib of your Pencil, low battery, worn tip of the Pencil, and so many other reasons.

To help you get rid of your worries about a non-functioning apple pencil, we’ve put together some tips that should assist you in resolving your issues with the Apple pencil.

Try these simple fixes for connectivity issues, stuttering, and more if your Apple Pencil starts acting up. These instructions will help you in determining the cause of your Apple pencil’s issue and fixing it.

Apple Pencil Not Working

Tighten the nib 

The tip of the Pencil is removable. If you go ahead and unscrew it, it will get a little bit bigger. One of the reasons for the Apple pencil not working could be that your apple pencil might be unscrewed.

It might not be noticeable, but it should not be neglected because it can be an obstacle to the smooth functioning of the Apple pencil. So what we would recommend is that screw it back into its place, making sure that it is tightly screwed, and as soon as it is tight, you will see that there is no gap, and you can’t screw it in anymore.

It doesn’t require much work, and you shouldn’t push yourself too much. Just make sure it’s on and securely fastened. It can also wear out over time. 

Check the battery

The battery status on your iPad may be found under the Widgets view. Widgets can be found in the Today View. Look at the Batteries section of the widget. If you don’t see your widget, double-check that your Pencil is connected to Bluetooth and that Battery is selected to appear in Today’s View.

Select Settings > Apple Pencil and look for the charge at the top of the main screen to verify the battery level. If the Pencil’s battery is at 0%, it has to be charged. By magnetically attaching the Apple Pencil (2nd generation) to the side of your iPad, you may charge it. 

Check the Bluetooth

If the battery of the Apple Pencil is fully charged, and still it doesn’t work, the next step is to change the Bluetooth settings within your iPad. For this, you have to go to the Bluetooth setting and make sure your Bluetooth is on, but you also need to go ahead and see where your apple pencil is and make sure that it says connected. If it says not connected or not found, make sure to connect it by tapping on connect.

Replace the damaged tip

There is a possibility that the tip of your Apple pencil may have damaged. No one can predict how long Apple’s Pencil can run smoothly because it depends on how the customer uses it.

With the passage of time, when the function of the Pencil deteriorates, and the tip of it becomes scratchy, Apple consumers have to replace it. One thing to remember is that if the tip of your Apple Pencil has a sandpaper-like finish, you should stop using it and replace it as soon as possible because continuing to use it could scratch the screen of your iPad.

Download compatible apps

The Pencil isn’t compatible with all apps. To check if your Apple Pencil is working, use a known supported app like Notes. The Notes app should be on your home screen because it’s a terrific place to try out your Pencil. If you don’t already have it, get it now.

Restart the app

 It’s possible that the failure of your Apple Pencil is due to a bug in the app you’re using. To test if this addresses the problem, try closing the app by opening the iPad App Switcher, swiping up on the app to shut it, and then opening it again.

Restart your iPad

It’s not always your Apple Pencil that’s acting up; sometimes, it’s your iPad. If you’re still having issues after following the above steps, try rebooting your tablet. You may accomplish this by holding down the power button on your iPad and swiping the slider that displays on the screen.

Seek Apple’s help

If you’ve done everything below and your Apple Pencil still doesn’t work, it could be due to a hardware issue. It can only be fixed by returning it to Apple and having it replaced. Apple gives you a warranty of a year, and you can avail of it if you find any problem with the device.


The issue might not always be with your Apple Pencil, but there are other contributing factors too; even a good old-fashioned reboot can help get it up and running. You have the option of turning your iPad Pro on and off normally or doing a hard reset if you believe it is necessary. If the issue is minor, it should get things working again in any case.

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