Avast Using a Lot of CPU

Avast Using a Lot of CPU
Avast Using a Lot of CPU

Are you wondering how to repair avast high Processor usage? Do you think Avast is consuming so much of your computer’s Processor memory, and you want a quick solution to fix Avast’s high CPU consumption problem? After viewing the avast using 100 disks, you might want to look at the avast activity shield memory. There are many explanations why you’re struggling with avast high Processor utilization service or avast high disk usage. 

Luckily, in this post, we’re going to solve the avast high-use Processor service problem. These easy-to-use troubleshoot guidelines can help you repair Avast antivirus service heavy usage Processor problems on Windows 10/7. If Avast uses the Processor in an idle place, follow these directions.

Method-1 Delete Avast Clean-up Tool 

The most critical part is the Avast Cleanup Tool. It primarily works as a real-time scanner and allows users to free up the area covered by the applications running the context. If you see avast high Processor service or memory use issues, this could be the cleanup part. 

Tip-If Avast cleanup doesn’t work, try reinstalling it. But it’s safest for you to quickly uninstall Avast Cleanup. 

  • Double click on the Avast icon to access it. 
  • Browse the Configuration tab and press the Components tab. 
  • Now press the down arrow next to the component tab. Here you can see options to delete (Avast Cleanup in this example), select Uninstall a feature, and then click OK to validate the uninstall of the component. 
  • Reboot your PC if Avast asks, now search to see if the avast high CPU operation has gone back to usual. 

In case you dispute the use of Avast behavior shield memory, you may repeat the same procedure to delete the behavior shield. If this solves the issue of avast high Processor usage, then you should try turning it on again, except this time CPU use should stay unchanged.

Method 2 – Update Avast Latest Version

Most of the time, it’s the old antivirus edition that causes bugs, so it’s critical for you to thoroughly upgrade both antivirus and virus definitions. You can upgrade Avast antivirus quickly, follow these steps; 

  • Double click on Avast to access it, or click on the Avast icon at the system tray. 
  • Select Settings on the menu in the drop-down list. 
  • Press the General tab, and then click the Upgrade tab. 
  • There are two upgrade keys, one of which is linked to upgrading the virus description database, and the other is related to updating the software itself. 
  • Update both the software and the archive. During this phase, be patient as an Avast online update search, then follow the on-screen directions. 
  • Once it has been finished, verify that the avast service high Processor consumption issue has returned to normal.

Method – 3 Fix Avast High Disk Use via Command Prompt Tweak 

Frequent background scanning often triggered the loading of the RAM or CPU. But if you adjust the scan frequency, the CPU load would be minimized. It will disable background checks and tracking, but it will definitely reduce the avast high Processor support. 

  • Click Windows + R and type cmd. Run a prompt order as an admin. 
  • Type this command C:\ProgramData\AvastSoftware\Avast and click enter. It will take you to the next folder where you will be required to conduct more acts. 
  • Open the avast5.ini file and paste the following command in the [GrimeFighter] line: ScanFrequency=999 
  • Save the file and reboot the machine. 

Method – 4 Avast Fix from Control Panel 

If nothing really works, it’s best to fix Avast using the control panel. Many forum users have claimed that this approach has helped them sustain strong Processor utilization problems in avast service. Once you have repaired, you may need to restore the parameters. Until implementing this method, make sure that you are signed in as an administrator. 

  • Click the Windows + R key, type the control panel, then click enter. Conversely, if you are using Windows 10, press the gear icon to access the settings. 
  • When the Control Panel is accessed, select the View as Category at the top right corner and press Uninstall the Software under the Programs column. 
  • When you’re using the Settings software, press Applications to open a list of all installed programs on your device. 
  • Identify Avast in the Control Panel or Settings and press Uninstall / Repair. 
  • The uninstall wizard will be opened with two options: Repair and Delete. To correct the installation of the software, pick Repair and press Next. 
  • Confirm the process now. In this way, Avast would be restarted with the default settings that operated before the error began. 
  • Press Finish when the uninstalled procedure is finished and restart your PC. 

Now check whether or not avast service has fixed a high Processor utilization issue. Even if Avast continues to use 100 CPUs or disk problems, then implement the next option.

Method – 5 Check that Avast Screensaver Scanning is Working While it should not be active 

Often it’s the Avast screensaver that continues scanning even if the screensaver is not working. As this screensaver search continues in the background, it triggers the high use of the Processor. You won’t be able to see it in the Avast interface, however. To solve this problem; 

  • Right-click a random file on your PC and opt to search the Avast file in the menu that appears. 
  • A scan outcome window should open up, and you’ll be able to display several scans that are currently operating. 
  • Locate the scan of the Avast Screensaver and press the Stop button next to stop the operation. 

Now check whether avast service has fixed a high Processor utilization issue.


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