Epson Printer Not Printing After Changing Ink

Epson Printer Not Printing After Changing Ink

Have you recently transferred the ink cartridge from your Epson printer to a different one? But all of a sudden, the printer stopped printing and revealed some invalid error? Then don’t worry too much about it, because you’re not alone in coping with this dilemma when thousands of users face this problem after changing their ink. There could be a variety of factors behind this issue of not printing on the Epson printer, and you would need to address this problem as quickly as possible in order to get back to finishing your printing mission. 

You’ll read very conveniently in this article about the causes and remedies for the non-printing problem of the Epson printer after replacing the ink. 

Why doesn’t the Epson printer print black and other colors? 

Your Epson printer might not be the printer for the following 8 reasons: 

1. Your Epson printer might not be switched on. 

2. Your device’s paper tray can be out of print. 

3. Clogged nozzles are another popular cause of the issue. 

4. In certain situations, not using a printer on a daily basis will cause the ink to dry and thus trigger difficulties with print delivery. 

5. Your system could not be properly attached to your machine through USB. 

6. An Epson printer with an unclean print head will not be able to produce prints. 

7. In the case of low ink levels, black and other colors can not be printed on your computer. 

8. The location of ink cartridges might be inaccurate. 

9. The printer driver of Epson does not have the new updates. Why isn’t My Epson Printer Printing After Transferring Ink? 

If your Epson printer does not print after replacing the ink cartridge, it can trigger a lot of reasons and some of them are mentioned below: 

  • Due to the incorrect location of the trigger. 
  • An out-dated printer chip. 
  • Incompatible cartridge.
  • Issues with the offline printer. 
  • Faulty or out of date printer engine. 
  • Installation of a cartridge with power off. The poor volume of ink. 

Many of the explanations may be because the Epson printer would not print after replacing the ink, and there may be others. After testing these reasons, you can fix your printer issues very quickly and there are a number of ways to get rid of this issue that you can implement in a very easy and efficient way. 

How can I repair my Epson Printer when Printing After Adjusting Ink Cartridge? 

If you’re having no printing issues with the Epson printer after replacing the new cartridge in your printer, don’t stress about it because there are several ways to fix this question. You should take the measures below to correct this problem with Epson printer: 

Method 1 # Search for the Safety Tape 

Be sure that you removed the protective tape from the cartridge and if there was some protective tape in the cartridge nozzles, your printer wouldn’t print. You’d better be sure that any other sticker is hidden from any printer. 

Type 2 # Upgrade of Printer Drivers 

Often defective or obsolete printer drivers may even create a number of technological difficulties, although if you have inappropriate printer drivers, you should upgrade the software to the new update that will address the issue of not printing in a really easy way. 

Process 3 # Reset Print 

Resetting your Epson printer will address a number of issues and you can even repair a non-printing issue by replacing the ink that can be solved by resetting your printer in a really simple and reliable way for a range of problems. 

Process 4 # Clean Heads of Printer 

Dirty printer heads will contribute to a lot of issues, and if you have this issue, make sure your printer head is in a clean place. With the aid of the measures below, you may clear printer heads: 

  • Next, open the Control Panel on your screen. 
  • Click the Hardware and Sound choice. Now click the Computers and Printers link. 
  • Right-click on the Epson printer and then select Print Settings. 
  • After that, click on the Cleaning Head alternative and wait a few minutes to clean the printer head. 

After replacing the ink cartridge, you can repair the Epson printer not to print very easily by following the above steps. But if you ever experience this error with your Epson printer or have some other problems, you can fix this problem with the aid of the Epson printer customer service team. 

You may also take the following step: 

Fix 5: Reinstall the Epson Printer on your machine 

Doesn’t the Epson printer print anything? It will function by reinstalling it on your machine. Here we defined the procedures for reinstalling the Epson printer on both Windows and Mac. Learn the procedures thoroughly before you do so. 

Windows Epson Printer Reinstall: 

1. Open the Control Panel on your Windows device. 

2. Next, go to “Programs”

3. Tap on “Programs and Functions” 

4. Right-click on your Epson printer and press Uninstall. 

5. Next, switch off the Windows and Epson printer machine. 

6. Delete your printer from your setup. 

7. Wait a few minutes and then restart your Windows and Epson printer machine. 

8. Link your printer to your machine. 

9. Now, to reinstall the Epson printer on Screens, open the Start menu. 

10. Go to the “Setup” screen. 

11. Tap on the “Phones” tab. 

12. Click “Scanners and Printers” 

13. Click the “Attach printer or scanner” icon. 

14.  Please obey the directions on your computer to complete the reinstallation process. 

Reinstall Epson Printer to Mac: 

1. Go to the Apple Menu on your Mac. 

2. Click the “Device Settings” tab. 

3. Click the “Print & Fax” tab. 

4. Highlight the Epson printer and click the minus sign button to disable it. 

5. To validate, click on “Ok.” 

6. Only you should use the “Hard disk.” 

7. Go to “Library” and pick “Printers” 

8. Select the “EPSON” section. Drag it to the garbage now. All the printer drivers mounted on your Machine will be disabled. You’re going to have to reinstall these later. 

9. Now, clean up the garbage. 

10. Restart your Mac. 

11. Visit the “Model Printer Assistance” tab. 

12. Upload your printer driver. 

13. Run the downloaded file and obey the installation directions. 

14. Click “Delete” when the installation is complete. 

15. Open the Apple Menu. 

16. Choose “Machine Habits” 

17. Click on the “Print & Fax” tab. 

18. If your Epson is attached to Mac via USB, it will be shown automatically on the list. If you are linked to Mac through a network link, click the plus-sign button to add it. 

19. Select “More printers,” pick Epson TCP/IP, and then choose your printer.


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