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Facebook Marketplace was launched in 2016 as a safe way for individuals to purchase and sell things in their local communities. It has quickly evolved to be one of the most popular platforms; with millions of people using it to discover and buy products and sell goods and earn a living in just four years.Using the Facebook marketplace, you can promote your business by reaching out to more people for your own survival. However, it appears that a large number of people have been having issues with it recently.

Many individuals are complaining about not being able to use Facebook Marketplace or that Facebook marketplace is not working on a variety of platforms; including iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, and phones with Android apps.

Facebook marketplace not working


Why is the Facebook marketplace not working?

Facebook Marketplace is a unique and important service for Facebook’s everyday users. However, many individuals seem to be reporting that it isn’t working. There are a variety of reasons why Facebook Marketplace isn’t working.

Your account age, your age, or the fact that Marketplace isn’t supported in your country are few of the prominent reasons. Users of Facebook Marketplace have reported being locked out of their accounts owing to a severe system glitch in the past few months; leaving them terrified. We looked into the issue and compiled a list of everything you need to know about this malfunction.  

We’ve assembled solutions for all  devices in this article. Also, we’ll be implementing them in a step-by-step process that will help you resolve the problem. Make sure to follow the procedures carefully and precisely. In addition, check the results after each method.

Also, read through the reasons for the occurrence of this problem in the first place.

New Facebook account

If you have a new Facebook account, the marketplace functionality may not be available to you yet. In order to avoid spam and exploitation of the system, Facebook prohibits new accounts from accessing the Marketplace. Because, when a malicious user is banned from Marketplace, they create a new account to use the platform. Simply, new accounts are not allowed on Marketplace to prevent this activity. 

Join multiple groups

Facebook, as previously stated, wants to see that accounts are active. Joining multiple Facebook buy/sell groups is one approach to expedite the process of gaining access to the Marketplace feature. You can join groups that have a connection to the Marketplace from anywhere in the world. Although, it’s probably better to start with regional or local organizations. Begin by interacting with a few of your own posts.

Check the age factor

Many people believe that Facebook Marketplace is disabled for anyone under the age of 18. This is pretty much correct because the marketplace functionality is only available to people over the age of 18. You could try changing your age to get around that; it might work for you

Download the latest version

Check to see if your app has been updated to the most recent version. As the old  version of app can have a conflict with the Facebook Marketplace. Open the Google Play Store and look for the Facebook app to see if you have the most recent version. If you don’t have it yet, please do so because you might be missing out on the Marketplace if you don’t.

Clear Cache and temporary data

When you’re using Facebook Marketplace in the system’s web browser, and it suddenly stops operating, your online experience may be hampered by the system’s browser cache or temporary data. In that scenario, cleaning the cache or temporary data may be sufficient to resolve the issue. If you are using Chrome browser it is quite straightforward to clear cache.

Disable third-party ads 

Third-party add-ons are pretty helpful for web browsers. These add-ons enhance the operation and capabilities of the web browser. A malicious add-on or extension can cause Facebook to behave strangely. Also, these add-ons provide third parties access to your Facebook account information; allowing them to read, copy, and even alter it.

When Facebook detects unusual activity on your account, it has the ability to restrict access. As a result, disabling the add-ons from your web browser may solve your problem.

Try a different browser

 If you use a browser to visit Facebook Marketplace and that browser has compatibility or accessibility issues with Facebook Marketplace, you may experience issues like Facebook Marketplace not working.

Here, using a different browser to access the Facebook Marketplace might help.

You’re not in a region where Marketplace is available

The Marketplace is already available in over 70 countries for Facebook users. But, it’s possible that your region is still missing out from the list. If your Facebook profile region is from a country where Marketplace isn’t yet available, you won’t see the Marketplace icon (which looks like a shop front) on the iOS app or the Marketplace bookmark on the left-hand menu on PC.

Log out of Facebook or reinstall the app

If you meet all of the Marketplace’s requirements but still can’t access it, log out of Facebook or delete and reinstall the app.

Reset your account’s settings

Try updating your account settings if you’re having problems accessing Marketplace; despite having a Facebook account for several years. Make sure your Facebook default language is English. Also, your location must be among the allowed areas and nations. If not, you can make a request via the Facebook Support page. Pergaps, you might be able to solve the problem that way.

Submit Facebook marketplace appeal form

Access to Facebook Marketplace is subject to a set of restrictions. If you consistently break those rules, Facebook has the ability to revoke your access. If you’re certain you didn’t infringe any Facebook Marketplace community rules, you can try to re-enter the Marketplace. This should boost your chances of finding the mysterious Marketplace icon that has vanished.

Contact Facebook help centre

If the problem remains after updating, you should contact the Facebook Help Center with a thorough description of the problem and specifics, and the Facebook team will investigate the situation for you.

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