Google Maps to Introduce New ‘Go’ Tab for Quick Access to Frequent Destinations

Google Maps to Introduce New ‘Go’ Tab
Google Maps to Introduce New ‘Go’ Tab

Yes, Google Maps is getting a new ‘Go’ tab to enable users to connect to commonly visited places quickly. This new tab would substitute the Commute tab that already exists between the Explore and Saved tabs. The Google Maps Go tab will help you pin your favorite destinations to get details about these locations easily. With the new feature, users would be able to connect frequent destinations like a school or grocery store to the latest Go tab to quickly navigate directions, live traffic patterns, as well as see how long it takes to arrive. This latest Go tab will soon be accessible live on Google Maps. 

The tech giant has reported on its site that Google Maps will shortly be having a new Go tab. Users would be able to pin their favorite destinations, and after you’ve pinned, you won’t have to enter the path address each time they need route information, and you can simply go to the Go tab and view the commonly accessed location data. 

The new Go tab would even help users pin the public transit routes they’re traveling through. “If you take public transit, you will pin unique routes that will allow you to see precise departure and arrival times, updates from the local transit department, and an up-to-date ETA right from the Go Tab. You can also pin several routes (like a driving route and a transit route) to the same location and see which one can bring you there more quickly,” Google said in a blog post. 

More Info About the Google Maps New “Go” Tab

On Thursday, 3rd December, Google revealed that it is now unveiling the Go Tab on its 15th anniversary. This will involve a variation of the “Commute” segment and other travel-related hotkeys. This new tab would enable users to access the map of locations they regularly visit, like the grocery store or the friend’s house where they go every weekend-without any hoops. 

A big improvement to the Google map was made last year by the firm, which included a new user interface and logo. Commute, Explore, and save tabs were also part of the upgrade. Today, Google is further expanding the map-reading app; this would make it easy for consumers to locate the map with regularly visited locations. 

The new tab will be placed at the bottom bar-which will be easily noticeable between the ‘Explore’ and ‘Saved’ sections. Much as WhatsApp and Snapchat: where you can pin a conversation—Google is now encouraging you to pin as many locations as you want. Tapping a particular route can now provide users with information such as instructions, live traffic patterns, disruptions that could arise throughout the trip, and precise ETA in a single touch, where ETA is estimated time for arrival. 

What are the Advantages of the Google Map New “Go” Tab?

If you’re traveling in public transportation, the latest upgrade will make things easy to take advantage of. You may receive correct departure and arrival times, alerts, and reminders from the transit system through which you are traveling; once you have specified directions. ETA can also therefore be calculated precisely. Those heading to places within walking distance-can use this upgrade as well. 

Tapping the Go” tab enables the app to start looking. You will cover the card by merely wiping it down. Users have mostly seen “lines,” “stations, and stops” choices. The station and stop choices allow looking routes open to you with the inclusion of filtering options. When you click on the search bar, the “Destinations” option will come up, which contains a collection of shortcuts for locations like “Home,” “Work” and several others. You can also search for charts of areas you’ve been to today, yesterday, last week, and also last week. 

Companies said the update is steadily being accessible to users now and the update will be accessible to both Android and iOS users next week. Don’t get puzzled between Go Tab and Maps Go, an Android app specifically built for low-powered smartphones. However, since it has been upgraded to version 10.35.2, it is now being accessible to a wide variety of viewers.

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