So, there is no sound on YouTube video, right? Being the most popular and largest video platform in the world, YouTube could throw minor issues at any given time. However, it might not be YouTube itself the wrongdoer in this situation as there are numerous other possible reasons for this. So, if you are facing no sound on YouTube video right now, you are at the right place. We promise that it won’t take more than a couple of minutes to find solutions for this annoying error.

How to fix no sound on YouTube video?

Let’s talk about the reasons and solutions for the concern straightway.

YouTube volume controls

Obviously, this is the first thing you need to check. If you have disabled the volume of a video from the video interface of YouTube, there is no chance for you to listen to the sound of the video. Even though this sounds so obvious and simple, it’s worth a try to check whether you have mistakenly muted the video.

In addition, if you have muted a video previously and don’t enable it, the setting can apply to the next videos. Further, it is imperative to check on your computer’s sound settings as well. Normally, you would see sound controls of your computer at the right end of the taskbar, and you can easily monitor if you have turned off the sounds from there.

So, first, investigate these settings before you move on to the next steps.

no sound on youtube video

No sound on YouTube video? Try an Incognito window

Generally, sound-related issues pop up because of system configuration. That said, you can’t neglect the fact that there can be browser issues too. As an example, if your browser has tons of accumulated cache in it, there would be various kinds of glitches; no sound on YouTube is one such issue.

When you log on to websites using an Incognito window, most issues tend to vanish instantly. To open an Incognito window on Google Chrome, click three dots at the right upper corner of your browser and click “New Incognito window,” simple as that. Then, try to play a video on YouTube and see whether it has fixed the error.

Browser issues

As we mentioned in the above section, browser problems are the main reason for this type of malfunction. First of all, clear the cache accumulated cache of the browser. Chrome users can easily delete the cache by pressing Ctrl + H and clicking “Clear browsing data.” Make sure you clear the cache for all time.

An outdated browser also is another factor. You have to keep your web browser up to date to get the maximum out of it and prevent glitches. If you are a Google Chrome user, click three dots at the right-hand upper corner and navigate “help” and to “about Chrome” to see whether you are using the latest version of the browser. If not, you have the opportunity to update it then and there.

Try a different web browser

If you follow the above-mentioned methods and still face the same issue, it would be best if you switch to a different web browser to check the condition of the concerned YouTube video. When there are core issues with a particular browser, it can prevent you from executing a wide range of tasks, including playing videos.

The best possible alternative we suggest for Chrome users is Firefox and vice versa. If you come across no problems with Firefox, then the culprit is Google Chrome. If this is the case, you will have to contact the developer and inform them about your concern.

In addition, try playing different videos as well. Perhaps you are struggling with a video with sound issues.

Update the audio drivers

Keeping your drivers up to date is important to work with a flawless computer. If you read this step without any positive results from the previous methods, we recommend you update the audio drivers of your computer to see whether the issue lies there. At the end of the day, sound drivers are responsible for playing sounds, and if they went wrong, you would have little to no chance to hear sounds on the computer.

You can opt for either automatic sound driver update or manual update. However, we urge you to stick with automatic updates as they are convenient for the users; literally, you have nothing to do with automatic driver updates. The machine will find the appropriate and latest version and applies on its own.

Use the Windows troubleshooter

Windows troubleshooting is well capable of sorting various issues associated with your computer. It consists of functions to detect sound-related problems, and you could find the much-awaited answer by running simple troubleshooting.

Here is how you do it on Windows 10 computers

In Cortana search, type “settings.” Then, navigate to Update & security on the next screen. On the right-hand pane of the next screen, press on “playing audio.” Now, click on the “run the troubleshooter.”

After you click it, Windows will scan and fix the issues if found.

Restart the computer

One last option you definitely should try is to restart your computer. It’s a no-brainer explaining how easy and efficient this method is. More often than not, restarting a device can fix numerous issues with a computer. Yes, this might not be a problem with your computer, but it won’t take much time to reboot your computer to give YouTube a fresh go.

Close all running programs one by one before you restart the machine.


If you are experiencing no sound on YouTube video, now there are several methods you can try. We hope one or a combination of few of these troubleshooting methods will help you enjoy your YouTube video to the fullest. If you still find no satisfactory results, please let us know. We will try our best to help you as soon as we can. Thanks and have a great day!

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