iPhones are awesome, and as you would probably know, Apple sends software updates for seven years from the date you purchased the device. Yes, it helps in more ways than one to keep your smartphone updated throughout. However, the same cannot be said regarding the hardware, and they are bound to wear down as you use the phone. If you are a music lover, you would know the volume of the speakers won’t provide the same levels that they gave at the beginning. Probably this is why you searched how to make the iPhone louder on the internet, right? Don’t sweat; we are going to bring you some easy yet powerful tips to make your iPhone louder. Let’s get into it.

How to make iPhone louder – Here are the Solutions

Check EQ settings

Yes, your iPhone has a built-in equalizer on it to change the volume as per your liking. The functionalities of the EQ are more or less similar to ordinary equalizers that you have previously worked with. You can either change one frequency or increase the bunch at once to reach higher levels of sound outputs. However, when you increase all the frequencies, the output would not be the smoothest. But, it will definitely be a solution to how to make the iPhone louder question. Here is how to do it.

Go to Settings on your iPhone and press Music. Then scroll down to EQ at the bottom; here, you can select one option according to your requirement. This will instantly help you to increase the volume of your iPhone. Actually, this change will have an impact on all audio outputs of the smartphone, and the difference will be more evident when you play music tracks.

We recommend “late-night” settings for better audio put on built-in music apps. If your aim is to increase the volume levels of third-party apps, the “treble booster” would be a good option. Tweak the settings and see what suits you the best.

Change the volume limiter settings

If you are experiencing low volume levels, perhaps you have enabled the volume limiter feature on your iPhone. The primary objective of this feature is to keep the volume at lower levels in order to keep your hearing ability safe, especially when using headphones. Also, it might not be you who enabled this setting as there are certain laws in specific countries on the volume levels, and Apple enables this setting by default to stay aligned with those laws.

So, disabling the volume limiter will help you enhance the overall volume output of your iPhone and here is how you do it.

Go to Sounds & Haptics from the settings and press on headphone safety. Disable “reduce loud sounds” and adjust the slide bar underneath to match your requirement. This will dramatically increase the volume of your iPhone.

how to make iphone louder

Turn your iPhone

How to make the iPhone louder? Use your brain! Now, it’s not rocket science to identify where the speakers of an iPhone are. They are at the bottom part of the device, and if your goal is to listen to music loudly, one of the easiest methods would be to turn your smartphone upside down and place it in a phone holder. This simple trick will allow the volume to get release without interruption and all you have to do is use your common sense.

Similarly, you can use an empty bowl for this as well. Placing your iPhone in a bowl will make an echo chamber, and the sound of the iPhone will be increased without much of a fuss. However, you must place the phone downwards (speakers pointing to the bottom of the bowl) inside the bowl to get the maximum benefit.

There are more tricks you can try. The essential thing is to understand the placement of the speakers. Use your brain; you will come across great innovative solutions.

Clean the small grills of the speakers

If you use the iPhone in dustier environments, there is a big chance of particles creeping inside the tiny little speaker grills. The accumulation of dust will hamper the volume output, and it will damage the speakers as well. However, scraping or removing the dust must be done with utter care. You can use a SIM card ejecting tool for this task, but do not force it through the grill holes.

Never get tempted to use any sort of liquid if you don’t want to lose the warranty of the phone.

Try a third-party app

Yes, there are apps to enhance the volume levels of smartphones. These apps usually work on stored videos and music files, and they do a fantastic job in raising the sound of iPhones. Boom and AmpMe are such two great apps that you can use on your iPhone, and previous Apple users say that these two apps are head and shoulders above the rest. So, try one.

Use an external speaker

Finally, if nothing works, this is the option you have to try, my friend. You can connect the iPhone to an external speaker to generate more sound. When you are buying speakers for the iPhone, make sure they are portable and smaller in stature. We are not naming the names of the products here as there are tons of options available on the internet for you to consider.


How to make the iPhone louder? You now got a handful of easy methods to try, and as we said, if nothing works for you, the final option is to try external speakers. We hope our article helped you. If you have more questions regarding this, please feel free to let us know by commenting below. We are always here to help you. Have a great day!

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