Hyperx Cloud Flight Mic Not Working
Hyperx Cloud Flight Mic Not Working

Do you have Hyperx Cloud Flight Mic Not Working issue? If be with us to get a solution. HyperX is recognized for its style and excellent efficiency. Its crystal-clear audio quality and luxury make it the gamer’s first pick. It’s known for its finest audio accuracy. The velvet earpads and changeable leatherette allow it one of the most luxurious headphones. 

It contains a USB audio control box and a sound card to improve the audio experience to another level. Its mic has a range of functions, such as noise cancelation features, and detachable hardware. But occasionally the mic doesn’t function. As these headphones are specifically built for gaming use,  this error simply destroys the whole experience. 

Many people have a very poor experience with their Hyperx mic. We do understand, it’s really upsetting for gamers. Since it renders us unwilling to truly appreciate the games when playing.

Hyperx Mic Not Working: Problem Overview

When this error occurs, the consumer is unable to utilize the mic on their Hyperx headphones. All other features, such as audio output, etc., operate perfectly. But they’re unable to communicate when playing games with HyperX because it’s not a functioning mic. 

This is a popular problem encountered by several users out there. There could be a variety of triggers behind the “Hyperx mic not working” problem. For your information, some of them are listed below:

  • An Outdated Driver
  • Damaged Jack And USB Switcher
  • Misconfigured Microphone Device Setting

Hyperx Mic Not Working: Related Problems

There are also several specific problems with the “HyperX mic not working” on the internet. As the root cause behind the problem of the headphones is identical. We recommend you adopt these methods to solve the following associated issues. 

1) Hyperx Cloud Stinger Mic Not working:

with this, the user is faced with issues related to the Hyperx Cloud Stinger model. Where the mic is not working, i.e. the input of the user is not observable. Follow our one-by-one approach to resolve this. 

2) Hyperx Cloud Alpha Mic Not working:

Under this, the consumer is faced with problems relating to the Hyperx cloud alpha model. Where the mic doesn’t work. Users are unable to voice through a headset. Follow our one-by-one approach to resolve this. 

3) Hyperx Mic Not working Ps4:

This is a similar scenario where Hyperx Mic is defective. Follow one of our methods to fix it. 

4) Hyperx Cloud Mix/Hyperx Cloud Flight Mic Not functioning:

This is another similar issue where the customer would be unable to enjoy a microphone. Implement our one-by-one methods to fix this issue. 

5) Hyperx Mic Not Working Xbox One:

Xbox is recognized for its collection of games. Usually, customers love to use Hyperx for a greater gaming experience. And yet users are often unable to use their Hyperx Mic on Xbox. In this, the problem can be with your Xbox, so check it out once. After that, adopt our methods one by one to rectify the problem of the Hyperx mic. 

6) Hyperx Cloud 2 Mic Randomly Halts Working/Hyperx Cloud 2 Mic Quiet:

2 Mic has been shut between those under this Hyperx Cloud. Users have not been able to use the mic in between. Consider our one-by-one methods to resolve it.

Basic Troubleshooting – check the Internet connection

There is a range of simple items that we can think of before moving to advanced stage troubleshooting. Don’t worry, this is a fixable problem. Everything you need to do is use our methodology wisely and serially like it has been published. 

There is a possibility that your Hyperx headset would be correctly paired. Be sure the Internet connection isn’t lost or disrupted. Also, inspect the wire to see if there’s a dent in between. Also, verify that your Hyperx headphone is not silenced. If it’s in mute mode, the speech can’t be delivered. 

If you are a user of the USB switch, search the mute switch to make sure it is not triggered. Switch the USB cables to other ports as well. And there’s a risk that one of your ports may be involved in the problem.

Step To Fix Hyperx Mic Not Working Problem

1) Troubleshoot The Hyperx Headset Microphone:

Windows built-in troubleshooter has many benefits, as it detects and fixes known vulnerabilities. This has been considered useful for several people. We will suggest you go for this before you go for something else. 

  1. Search for the Speaker Icon at the lower part right side of your taskbar. Right-Tap It And select the “Open Sound Settings” feature. 
  2. Sound Windows is going to open. Now, search for the “Input” header in the Right-Pane. Pick Your Input Device I.E. Hyperx Audio Device (Or Headset Microphone, Choose Something Similar). 
  3. Click the “Troubleshoot” Toggle accessible below. This is going to start identifying the issue. Follow on-screen directions and wait until everything is over. 

Once done, check whether or not the “Hyperx mic not working” issue has been fixed. In case we don’t have to go to our next technique to get a fix.

2) Check On The Headset Microphone Access Permissions:

Microphone availability is sometimes not permitted on Windows 10. In this scenario, your system will not be able to identify any input voice through a microphone. Many users have fixed the issue of “Hyperx mic not working” by executing this procedure. 

  1. Go to “Settings” by tapping the Windows Logo Key with the “I” alphabet. Select the “Privacy” option that is available. 
  2. Click “Microphone” and “Allow access to the microphone on this device” Under this, you’ll find the “Change” Toggle, just tap it. Now make sure that it’s turned on. 
  3. Then, search for the “Allow Apps to Access Your Microphone” choice and make sure the device is turned on. 

Once completed, exit the screen and confirm whether or not the “Hyperx mic not working” issue has been fixed. If it’s not fixed, go to our next strategy.

3) Go For The Headset Driver Reinstallation:

A corrupt file with the Hyperx headset driver may trigger such a problem. Ok, you could reinstall it to address the problem of “Hyperx mic not working” on your Windows 10 device. Many consumers have noticed that the re-installation has repaired the glitches. 

  1. Drivers are the fundamental prerequisite to operate some hardware in tandem with the device. We will encourage you to consider this process. 
  2. Launch the RUN box by pressing the “R” key on the Windows logo. Then type “Devmgmt. Msc” and press OK Toggle. It will launch the Window Device Manager. 
  3. Now find the “Sound, Video And Game Controller” icon, tap It To Expand. Pick “Hyperx Virtual Surround Sound” (Or Your Hyperx Audio Device), Right Tap It, and then choose the “Uninstall” feature. In case some dialog box exists, only proceed by enabling it to appear. 
  4. The Uninstall phase is going to proceed. Just wait until it’s over. 

Restart the machine now. Then reconnect your headset. It will immediately mount your driver’s headphones.

4) Go For The Microphone Device Settings In Your System:

As per customers, the problem was resolved after specifying their Hyperx headset as the default unit on the machine. So, here we’re going to check if the headset is activated. And also, by default, we’ll set it to address the “Hyperx mic not working” problem. 

  • Open the RUN box by pressing the “R” key on the Windows logo. Now enter “Control” and press OK Toggle. 
  • This is going to open the Control Panel. Now Select “Large Icons” from the View By option, accessible on the top right corner. 
  • Now Select the “Sound” option, A box will open, Turn to the “Record” tab. 
  • Right-Tap In Empty Space The Popped-Up Box Then Select “Show Disabled Devices” 
  • Right-click on the headset microphone and now select the “Enable” choice. Right-click the same microphone once more and select “Set as the default device.” 
  • Now as well, Right Tap The Headset Microphone And Select the “Properties” choice. 
  • This will open the Properties Window. Now move to the “Levels” page. After this, drag the volume level to the highest value. 
  • Tap Apply Then press OK and leave. 

Now confirm if the “Hyperx Mic not working” problem has been patched or not on your Windows device. In case it’s not going to be our next process, which could work for you.

5) Update Your Sound-Related Drivers:

An out-of-date driver will produce a bug that will trigger the Hyperx Mic to not function on your device. To resolve this, we recommend you upgrade the drivers associated with your systems. The update has already addressed problems like this. 

  1. Launch the RUN box by using Windows Logo Key with the “R” alphabet. Type “Devmgmt. Msc” and click the key to enter. 
  2. It will launch the Window Device Manager. Check for the alternative “Microphone Inputs & Outputs.” Click To Enlarge It. Right-click the “Microphone” relevant driver and then choose the “Update Driver” function. 
  3. Now you’ll get two choices, go to the first one “Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software” feature. After This Follow On-Screen Guidance And Wait until it gets installed. 
  4. Do the same with the other “Headphone” based driver accessible under “Microphone Inputs & Outputs” 
  5. Once it’s finished, now search for the “Sound Video And Game Controllers” option. Right-click “Realtek Audio” Driver Available There Then select the “Update Driver” option. Repeat Stage 3 again. 
  6. When it’s over, restart the machine. 

Now check if the “Hyperx mic not working” problem has been resolved or not. If it hasn’t been patched yet, go to our next method.

6) Check On The Game Application That You Are Using Hyperx Headset With:

There’s a possibility that the problem might be with the games program you’re using. Update the configuration and other features. Be sure it doesn’t interfere with your Hyperx mic. 

You should try playing games on other apps and find this out. In case it works for them, that implies there’s a problem with the previous game. In that scenario, contact the official help of your gaming app manufacturers to address the “Hyperx mic not working” problem.

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