Internet Explorer Not Reacting to Issue Summary 

Internet Explorer Not Responding

If Internet Explorer has an error or a bug when you start Internet Explorer, you may receive an error message saying that Internet Explorer is not functioning or has experienced problems and needs to close. If you see this message much of the time, you can repair it by restarting. When you restart your browser, it will recover your last browsing session as long as there is no issue with any malware, poor memory, deleted device, etc. 

In this article, we’ll discuss problems and the solutions in-depth relevant to Internet Explorer not Answering, Not Running, Crashing, Freezing. 

Now, let’s start the Internet Explorer Not Responding Troubleshoot

Method 1 

Reset Internet Explorer to normal 

You could be having an internet browser that doesn’t react to a problem due to certain settings, add-ons, toolbars, or massive temporary files. No matter why IE doesn’t react, you fix it by taking it back to its default settings. It’s a simple patch, but you’re going to have to reinstall all the needed add-ons. It functions because when we reboot the internet browser, it disables toolbars, add-ons, browser settings, privacy settings, protection settings, erases temporary data, background, cookies, etc. Take the measures to reset the IE. 

Follow the steps given below:

  • Enable Internet Explorer now. 
  • Enable the window of Internet Explorer 
  • Select the Tools tab. 
  • Tap on the mobile browser tools 
  • If the resources are not showing, click the ALT key. 
  • Click the ALT key to display the Internet Explorer tools 
  • Select the Internet Options button to access the Internet Options box. 
  • Internet Explorer Choices 
  • Select the Advanced button. 
  • Clicking on the Specialized Internet Choice page 
  • Now press Reset to access the Internet Explorer Settings dialog box. 
  • Tap the internet browser to reset 
  • Select the Reset button and wait for the device to change the IE browser to the default settings. 
  • Reset internet explorer not reacting 
  • Close the dialog box and restart the Internet Explorer Browser with any improvements that need to be made. 
  • Close the internet tab reset dialog box 

Method 2 

Remove Cache Data & History of the Internet 

One of the reasons Internet Explorer speeds down and freezes a lot is presumably attributed to lost cache data and browsing history. When we search the internet & visit various websites, internet browsers can store temporary data, cookies & a surfing history called a cache. If so many caches are stacked up, we can face Internet Explorer Not Responding Problems. 

These temporary folders, cookies, and browsing history can be cleaned regularly to prevent bugs and increase the efficiency of the browser. Take the measures to remove these files 

  • Enable Internet Explorer now. 
  • Enable your Internet Explorer 
  • Click the CTRL + Shift + Erase Keys button on the keyboard. 
  • Click the CTRL + Shift + Erase key to erase the browsing history 
  • Choose at least three elements (Temporary Purpose Folders, Cookies & Website Details & History) 
  • Pick the past of surfing to erase 
  • Review the other choices as well if they are not required, review them as well 
  • Now press the Erase tab. 
  • Press Delete to delete a browsing history to repair a web browser that doesn’t react. 

Method 3 

Internet Explorer Add-ons Problem 

The web browser add-on will enhance your browsing experience, but it may take time to load and impact your browser’s loading time. Non-compatible & out-of-date Add-ons will render Internet Explorer sluggish, crash, and fail to respond to commands. So many add-ons may trigger a problem as well. 

There is a clause in the Internet Explorer where you should open IE without Add-Ons if your IE works perfectly without Add-Ons, so you should be confident that there is an issue with your Internet Explorer Add-Ons. To launch internet explorer without add-ons in all versions of windows than windows 10 & windows 8.1, simply press CTRL + ESC (Open Start menu) > type internet explorer in the search box > pick Internet Explorer (No add-ons) from the list. 

Microsoft disabled the Internet Explorer (No Add-ons) feature in Windows 10 & Windows 8.1. But just don’t worry, IE (No Add-Ons) can always be unlocked. Press Windows keys + R > will open run box > Sort “C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe”-extoff > will open a web browser without add-ons 

Now verify that your Internet Explorer is working great. Whether it’s going great, it means there’s a problem with any add-ons. Now you need to uninstall Add-Ons one by one, beginning with the latest one, so this issue may have begun with the latest add-Ons you’ve installed recently. You’ve got to do this before you reach the add-ons that are creating the trouble. 

To uninstall add-ons, follow the measures below. 
  • Enable Internet Explorer now. 
  • Enable your Internet Explorer 
  • Tap the Gear button at the top right corner. 
  • Select the Gear Icon at the top right corner of the browser 
  • Click Manage Add-ons, yes. 
  • Click Handle Internet Explorer Add-ons 
  • Right-Click the Add-On that you choose to uninstall and pick Uninstall. 
  • Disable internet browser add-ons that do not react 
  • Only press Close. 
  • Online Explorer Restart 
  • Doing this Will Correct Internet Explorer Not Reacting Problem 


Update Internet Explorer to the new edition of Internet Explorer not reacting 

If Internet Explorer is out of date, there could even be cause for Internet Explorer not to react. You, therefore, need to switch to the current edition of Internet Explorer. You can repair problems that trigger Internet Explorer browsers to crash, stop answering, hang and freeze. To upgrade Internet Explorer, Open Internet Explorer > Press Alt + X > Click About Internet Explorer from the list > Pick Install Latest Versions automatically > Close Internet Explorer now.


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