Razer Synapse Failed to Start Fixing Methods 

Razer Synapse Failed to Start

Are you in love with the Razer Peripherals? If yes, you need to use Razer Synapse to customize it. But what do you do when the Razer synapse doesn’t launch Windows 10? As per users, they seem unable to open Razer synapses leading to challenges in managing Razer devices. 

Razer is a famed gaming-oriented brand that has offered a wide range of products. Without a question, it’s a decent hardware configuration software to handle all of the Razer Peripherals, but this mistake has impaired its performance. Several users are often unable to open the Razer Synapse. One of them is Razer Synapse 3 not closing Windows 10. Razer Synapse 2 users are still having a related problem. There may be a variety of predicted triggers, as stated in the Summary Problem portion. 

RRazer Synapse Failed to Start: Problem Overview 

As a consumer attempted to open their Razer Synapse to handle their Razer computers, it crashed or failed to open. Razer Synapse is one of the types that handles, stores, and maintains track of all Razer Peripherals, including their cloud setup. But the Razer Synapse doesn’t open in Windows 10 because of this flaw. 

Several people are experiencing this problem out there. Windows 10 customers have also begun to experience it since the update. There could be numerous explanations behind the R synapse the windows 10 problem doesn’t open. Any of them have been addressed for your reference below. 

Step 1 – Disable the Razer Surround Feature from Synapse 

The Razer Surround Module triggered several problems with Razer Synapse. Issues like freezing and not going to open up are the latest craze. As per users, the problem has been resolved by disabling or deleting the Razer surround. 

After you uninstall Razer Surround, just upgrade your Razer synapse and reboot the device. 

Note: When you are reinstalling your Razer Synapse, there is still a possibility to avoid Razer Surround from being mounted. You should cancel it when the Razer Surround feature comes up. Just tap it and terminate the download or upgrade request to prevent such an issue. 

Go to the following measures to disable the Razer Surround: 
  • Tap The Windows Logo Key with the “R” alphabet to open the Run. Select “Appwiz. Cpl” and select the Enter Key. There’s now a list of programs installed. 
  • Look for “Razer Surround,” tap it, choose the “Uninstall.” If the Validation Box opens, just keep going. 
  • Find the Synapse Razer and choose Uninstall 
  • Once this is done, restart your computer. 

Now verify that the problem of “Razer Synapse would not open windows 10” has been resolved or not. If it still appears, move to our next method. 

Step 2 Update Windows 

Typically, changes to windows are downloaded automatically. If you have made any adjustments to the configuration, you need to install it manually. An obsolete device will create a problem with your system’s inconsistency. 

  • Go to the following commands to update your system
  • Open the Settings Panel by pressing “I” and the Windows Key 
  • Click the Windows + I key to access the Settings app 
  • Find “Update & Security” and click it. Then tap the “Check for Update” button on the right panel. 
  • Click Check to Update 
  • Let it download, until it’s up to date. Only “Run” your Windows 10 device. 

In case the problem is due to obsolete files, this will fix the “Razer Synapse will not open Windows 10” issue. If it’s not going to switch to our next process. 

Step 3 Install the Razer Synapse and Driver again 

Occasionally, drivers and synapse software are the real ones to blame. Reinstalling both will resolve the problem of “Razer synapse won’t open windows 10.” Make sure that it is fully uninstalled, i.e. without having any file traces. 

Any users also confirmed that Razer Synapse is not going to uninstall. As the cause could be an incorrect technique, adopt this approach to eliminate the Razer Synapse. 

Go to the basic sequence to uninstall and reinstall Razer Synapse and Driver: 

Steps for Uninstall 
  • Click the Windows Logo Key with the “X” alphabet on your keyboard. Select “Device Admin” from the list below. 
  • Right-click the Start menu and choose the Device Manager 
  • Now, find “Mice And Other Pointing Instruments,” tap It To Enlarge. 
  • Discover the Razer Devices and Right Tap To Choose “Uninstall” A dialog box appears, mark the “Delete Driver Software for this device” statement, and click on Uninstall. Do This With The Other Razer Units One By One. Proceed with the on-screen guidelines until it is removed completely. 
  • Correct click on your Razer driver and click Uninstall System 
  • Now, locate the keyboards, tap It To Enlarge. And observe Move 3 again. 
  • Now, find “Human Interface Gadgets,” tap It To Extend. And observe Move 3 again. 
  • Now, we can uninstall files manually if they are already open in the corresponding folders. This is going to make sure of the clean reinstallation. 
  • Tap The Windows Logo Key with the “R” alphabet to access the RUN box. Now type or copy “C:\Program Files (X86)\Razer” and then press Enter. 
  • Type C Program Files x86 Razer on the run box 
  • A Window Will Pop Open, Now Select The “View” Tab And Mark the “Hidden Objects” Choose the All Files Present In The Popped-Up Window (I.E. Razer) And uninstall It By pressing On The Shift Key And Delete The Key Together. If the verification Box Prompts, Tap On “ Yes ”. 
  • Tap the display tab and search the secret objects box 
  • Once more, type or copy “C:\ProgramData\Razer” and press Enter. But also Follow Step 7 To Delete Files Available Under This. 
  • Also, delete all Razer Devices from the Plug or Connection Port. 
  • Now, restart the Windows 10 system. This would reinstall the drivers automatically. 
Phase to reinstall: 
  • Phase 11: To download the program for the Razer Synapse, follow this link. Double Tap On The Setup To Operate It Until The Update is Completed. Follow the instructions that are accessible under the download wizard to the finish. 
  • Now try opening the Razer Synapse app to customize your Razer units. 

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