You wake up in the morning to complete an urgent task and switch on your computer. But, you suddenly notice your MacBook Pro won’t turn on! How scary can this incident be for Mac users? Probably the most terrifying thing ever, isn’t it?

Perhaps, this is what you are experiencing right now. If so, first of all, keep yourself calm and collected because we are here to help you. Today our article is specifically about this issue, and before you visit a computer repair shop or seek Apple’s help, we urge you to read this article attentively. We are sure that one of these troubleshooting methods can help your issue.

Another important thing, if you feel confident about testing out these solutions, please make sure you try them one by one starting from the first one. Let’s get started.

MacBook Pro won't turn on

Solutions for MacBook Pro won’t turn on

Ensure your Mac is properly turn on

First things first, press the power button and see what happens! If you neither hear any drive, startup sound nor the images, or anything on display, here are some of the important things that you have to check.

  •    Check your power connection: First, don’t panic and check whether the power is on and Mac is properly plugged in or not. If you have a laptop, there can be a charging issue. Plug in with the charger and wait for it to get started before coming to a conclusion.
  •    Try a different cable or adapter: Maybe your power cable could be the wrongdoer. In order to check it, use another power cable with your computer. If the new one works with your device then the simple thing is to buy a second-hand or new power cable**. But, if you have recently had it, then there are more chances that your adapter is damaged, and you may need a new one.
  •    Disconnect all accessories: unplug all the additionally attached accessories like printers and USB hubs. Because those devices might be a hurdle in the startup sequence.

** Note! 

We don’t suggest buying third-party power cables that don’t belong to Apple as they can be faulty and can be harmful to your device.

Also, check all recent hardware installations, like RAM or a new hard drive. Make sure they have appropriately installed and Compatible. If possible, try reinstalling the old memory or hard drive so that it will make it easy for you to understand the faulty hardware.


Perform a power cycle

When your MacBook Pro won’t turn on, performing the power cycle is one of the simple ways to get out of the issue and make it work again. Here, you will have to just cut it from power and force it to restart.

Place your finger on the power button and press it down for ten seconds. If your Mac is perfectly fine, this step will forcibly cut the power and will urge it to restart.

If your Mac has a removable battery, shut it down, unplug it, and all the accessories. After this, take the battery out and wait for ten seconds before reinserting it.

What to do with the Mac desktop (Mac, Mac mini, and Mac Pro): leave it for ten seconds after unplugging the power cable and then plug it back in.


Check you display

This step is for the desktop Mac users such as Mac Pro and Mac mini. The problem can be with the display or any other hardware that you have plugged in. instead of the Mac itself, pay attention to the sound to see whether it is making any sound during boot up or not.

There might be a situation where your Mac is on but doesn’t boot up because it can’t access the display. In that situation, there are more chances of display hardware having trouble. Here is what you have to do to verify the issue.


  1. Check the power supply to the Mac.
  2. It is crucial to confirm that all the accessories are correctly attached
  3. You need to remove all the display extenders and switches as well; plus other devices in between the monitor and Mac
  4. Unplug the video cable and plug it back in correctly
  5. If it is attached with more than one chain, unplug all those and use a single one and try it.
  6. You may also use another display or the monitor if possible.

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MacBook Pro won’t turn on? Try the safe mode

The safe mode of MacOS is limited to basic functions and allows you to recover your Mac from various malfunctions. Sometimes, this step goes well when your MacBook Pro won’t turn on as well. So, this is worth a try.

What to do when starting up your Intel-based Mac in safe mode?

➔ Shut down your Mac and wait at least 10 sec.

➔ Restart your Mac and immediately press the shift key from the keyboard


What to do when starting up your Mac computer with Apple silicon in safe mode?

  • ➔ Please wait for 10 seconds after shutting it down
  • ➔ Npw, press and hold the power button until the window shows up startup options
  • ➔ Select a startup disk
  • ➔ Press the shift key from the keyboard and press on continuing in safe mode
  • ➔ Take your finger out from the shift key.


Conclusion on MacBook Pro won’t turn on

How about the situation now? Did our suggestions help you? If you are still facing the issue, we recommend you to seek the help of a professional without you trying advanced methods, given you don’t have sufficient knowledge about the subject. If not, you could end up with an unrecoverable damaged computer. Do you need further clarification on the steps we elaborated on? Please comment your concern below; our team will contact you as soon as possible.

By the way, is all about tech troubleshooting. Please wander around out website to read more great content. Have a great day!




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