Google Play services keeps stopping; if that is the query you are searching for answers, you are at the right place. In fact, this issue is nothing new for most Android users. Also, it is not something that you need to worry about. In this piece, we are bringing you the simplest of options that you can implement to keep this issue at bay. Let’s get started.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping – Solutions

The truth is that most Android users have no idea why Google Play services keeps stopping. Even not all have knowledge of what these Google services are. We are not going to elaborate on Google Services in this article as it is not our primary objective. However, keep in mind that these are the services that keep your device up and running.

Let’s focus on the remedies.

Restart the device

One of the simplest ways to make your Android forget about minor issues is to reboot the device. In fact, it’s not only the case with Android phones, but most electronic devices have the tendency to work smoothly after a quick restart. This easy remedy has a possibility of 90% fixing Google Play services keeps stopping issue.

To make the step a more efficient one, you can power off the device and wait for a few minutes before you restart. This will provide your Android enough time to fix minor bugs and do what it usually does for you.

Clear the cache

Another straightforward method you have in your armory is to clear the cache of the device. Similar to other apps, Google Play Services also has a cache that you must regularly clear to keep everything in order. Here is how you execute it.

Visit the settings of your smartphone and navigate to “apps and notifications.” Now, you will see a section for “Google Play Services.” Press on it; here, you will see two options for “clear cache and clear storage.”

As you can assume, press on the clear cache button to wipe the accumulated cache. Once you clear the cache, restart your phone to see whether it has sorted the issue.

Update the app

If you are dealing with an older version of Google Play Services, there is a huge possibility of encountering this particular error. In order to get the maximum out of the installed or built-in apps of a mobile device, you must make sure to update them on a regular basis. Here is how you update the app.

First, you have to open the Google Play Store of your device. Then navigate to three dots at the upper left-hand corner of the interface of Google Play Store and visit “my apps.” Now, you will see all the applications that are on your Android.

Here, you can notice the apps that are pleading for updates. You can update only the Google Play Services or select all the apps to update. It will take some time for the phone to update the apps if you select all of them. Be patient and until the process ends and restart the device and see whether the issue exists or not.

Factory reset Google Play Services

If you are reading this step without any positive results, the next step we bet you are a bit disappointed with this particular solution by reading the narration. But, wait, we are not talking about factory setting your device; it’s resetting the Google Play Services.

 As you would know, Android is owned by Google, and they have facilitated enough options in the system to troubleshoot a variety of malfunctions, including “Google Play Services keeps stopping.” Here is how you do it.

First, visit settings and navigate to Applications. Then, go to the Application Manager of the Android and locate Google Play Services. Now, press on “uninstall updates.”

This step will bring the Google Play Services back to its original settings, which were there when you purchased the phone. However, in order to use the services, you will have to install all the updates.

Read the below step before you start using Google Play Services again.

Use a different user account

This is another valid reason for Google Play Services keeps stopping issue. After you accomplish the above-mentioned method, it would be best if you try a fresh or different account to check on the issue. Don’t sweat; this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stick with the new user account. Once you fix the issue, you can switch to the original account without much of a fuss.

However, we must emphasize to you that this is not the safest troubleshooting method for the issue as it can result in data loss. So, before you start switching accounts, we urge you to back up your data as an additional layer of safety. Here is what you have to do.

Visit settings and navigate to user accounts. Then choose the Google account that you are currently using and remove it from the device. Now, the Android will ask you to enter a new account to use on the phone. Enter a new Google account and check about the issue.

Factory reset

Unfortunately, this is the last method you have to try if you are still facing the issue. But, before trying this step, make sure you have tried all the above methods correctly. Because a factory reset will erase all the data on your Android, including messages, settings, photos, and Google account itself. So, it is advisable to back all the data before you hit the factory reset button.


What is the condition of the issue now? We hope one or a few of the above-mentioned steps would have helped you place a full stop to this annoying issue. If you are still facing the error without a positive outcome, please comment below. Have a great day!

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