Wacom No Device Connected

Wacom no Device Connected

You have newly installed your Wacom tablet on your PC, however, the Wacom Desktop Center has shown you an error: no device connected? Ok, this fault is very well-known among users of this drawing tablet. If you were met with a message: your device is connected to your PC, you don’t need to panic, a few tricks and tips could help you solve this problem quickly. 

The “No Device Connected” error happens when your machine fails to identify and detect your Wacom tablet. This is a very popular problem with Wacom users as they attempt to attach their tablets to their devices. 

The dilemma is quickly fixed by reinstalling drivers, rolling back drivers, or restarting the Wacom services. There are still several hardware issues that you need to fix. Make sure you connect your computer to a proper socket. Try to adjust ports to ensure sure the cable is correctly wired and is in working order.

So, to address this dilemma, implement the following procedures. 

Method #1: Restart Services

When you install your Wacom tablet on Windows, you will also have some important services installed to support the Wacom Desktop Center and attach your laptop to your PC properly. 

But if there’s anything wrong with these services, you’ll find that there’s no device connected error on your machine. 

You can attempt to search and restart these services by taking these basic steps: 

  • Click the Win + R keys to access the Run window and copy the Services.msc command. 
  • Click Enter to access the Services window 
  • Select and double-click TabletServiceWacom or Wacom Technical Support on this window. 
  • In Properties, pick Automatic in the Start Style drop-down selection, and press Stop, then click Start Wacom professional service automatic
  • Click OK to apply the adjustments and restart your machine. 

Let’s assume that when your device begins, your Wacom tablet will be identified without any problems. 

Method #2: Install All Visual C++ Packages

Wacom Desktop Center requires some visual C++ packages to work correctly and successfully attach your Wacom devices to your computer. 

You’ll need to reinstall all of these programs one by one, but on this occasion, we’ll show you a way to uninstall or reinstall both of these packages simultaneously. 

  • Click here to download any of the Visual C++ packs 
  • On that page, press the Download button and save the file 
  • Now unzip it and press the install all.bat file 
  • Install all redistributable c++ visual packs 
  • The program will ask you for admin privileges, press YES 
  • Finally, just wait for the software to load Visual C++ packages and restart your PC

In nearly all instances, the Wacom device will be found without any problems, and you will start running it without any problems. 

Method # 3: reinstalling the Wacom Tablet 

If you haven’t been able to solve this Wacom problem, you will need to reinstall your Wacom tablet again. 

You may do this in a variety of ways, but the first thing you can do is remove the latest drivers from your machine. Take the following steps: 

  • Launch the Run window by pressing the Win + R keys 
  • Copy the command devmgmt.msc to the window that opens, and click Enter. 
  • You can see the Device Manager and move to the Human Interface Devices section. 
  • You can see your Wacom tablet, right-click it, and pick the System Uninstall feature. 
  • Uninstall the Wacom tablet 

You have successfully removed your Wacom driver from your device, and now you just need to uninstall the Wacom using the Control Panel. You will do this by taking the following steps: 

Start Menu and check for a word Control, then press Control Panel in the results. 

Once in this panel, sort the icon view and press Programs & Features 

programs and features

On this window, you can see all of your installed programs, locate the Wacom Tablet program or something relevant to Wacom, and press the Uninstall icon. 

uninstall Wacom tablet control panel

Follow the wizard to the completion of the uninstall phase. 

Now your Wacom tablet is absolutely uninstalled on your device, and now you need to update the new edition of your drivers. To do this, you have two choices, one for the official site and the other for the driver updater. 

Choice 1: Download the Wacom Drivers from the Official Website 

On this first choice, you would need to update the new version of your Wacom tablet to address this problem with no computer attached to Windows 10. Take the following steps: 

  • Visit the Wacom Drivers website 
  • Once there, select the form and model of your product. 
  • When you locate your device, select the Windows Driver Download Line 
  • Download the windows driver from Wacom 
  • When downloaded, open the file and approve the conditions for beginning the installation phase. 
  • Download the windows driver Wacom 
  • Wait until the software installs your Wacom drivers, then press the Restart Now icon. 

Luckily, after all this operation, your Wacom tablet will be identified without any problems. 

Choice # 2: Download the Wacom Driver with Driver Updater 

This is the second choice you will use to update the new driver for your Wacom Tablet. Driver Booster is the driver updater which we also suggest and use, and you can try it by following the following steps: 

  • Install Driver Booster from the official website. 
  • If the file has been downloaded, run it and install it like every other software.
  • When done, click on the SCAN button 
  • Scan the booster driver 
  • Now, the driver updater can search and detect your Wacom tablet and show you the updates enabled. 
  • Now, press the Upgrade Now button next to the Wacom Tablet or Human Interface Computer area. 
  • Update the driver booster now 
  • When the installation process is completed, restart your machine 

Finally, you can try connecting to your Wacom tablet and verify that the error has been corrected.


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