WhatsApp says your privacy won’t be affected if you don’t use these two optional features. Also, WhatsApp and Facebook cannot see your private messages.

WhatsApp says your privacy won't be affected

WhatsApp has recently reported that it would amend its terms of use and privacy policy as of 8 February 2021. Having faced a lot of consumer outcry over privacy issues, the Facebook-owned messaging app has now made it clear that your privacy would not be compromised if you do not use its two optional functions. 

In its FAQ portion, WhatsApp claimed that the latest privacy policy would not change the privacy of your communications with your friends and family. According to the company, the update would only impact messages sent to the WhatsApp business accounts, which it adds is an extra function.

WhatsApp also said that it provides end-to-end protection for personal communications to all users, and neither WhatsApp nor Facebook will read your messages or hear your calls from friends and relatives. 

It also added that it does not maintain archives of customer communications and calls as it deems ‘privacy and protection threats.’

WhatsApp doesn’t share your contacts

WhatsApp has now added that it would not exchange contacts with other Facebook users. Contacts are used to encourage you to submit them easily from the app.

What will WhatsApp share with Facebook, then?

WhatsApp said it will exchange details about how you communicate with companies on its app. The company also added that it would shortly enable companies to use Facebook’s hosting services to handle their interactions with customers. WhatsApp announced it will apply a logo to companies who use Facebook’s web hosting. 

WhatsApp Company Accounts will now be able to utilize the Facebook Shops site to view their items on WhatsApp. If you buy from companies using the Shops Network, the purchasing experience details will be shared with Facebook and used to view advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. 

In addition, Facebook will soon allow you to submit business messages using the WhatsApp button on its website. When you send a business message to WhatsApp, Facebook will be able to use that information to view the related advertising on its website.

What has WhatsApp Said About this Debate?

We want to make it clear that the policy change does not in any way impact the protection of your communications with friends or relatives. Instead, this upgrade contains improvements relating to WhatsApp messaging, which is optional, which offers more clarity about how we capture and utilize info,” WhatsApp has said. 

It continued that WhatsApp only wants to access phone numbers from the address book (after user consent obtained) to render messaging quick and secure, and does not exchange contact lists with other Facebook users. 

We utilize group membership to pass information and to secure our service against spam and abuse. We don’t exchange this data with Facebook for ad reasons. Again, these private conversations are end-to-end encrypted so we can’t see their text,” they added.

In summary, WhatsApp has taken a step back after endless backlash on the new questionable update.  

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