Frustrating new Windows 10 bug will delete your saved Google Chrome passwords 

Windows 10 Bug will Delete Your Saved Passwords in Google Chrome
Windows 10 Bug will Delete Your Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

Of all the irritating things that a software error might do, removing all the passwords that you saved on your computer may be one of the worst. Sadly, that’s just what happened to a lot of Windows 10 customers. Windows 10 users were first struck by a crushingly irritating bug earlier this year, which also affects competing Microsoft Edge browsers as well as applications like OneDrive.

The Issue Explained

Microsoft noted the problem last month, which has caused applications on Windows 10 devices to forget about user credentials that have been stored on the hard drive. When the problem happens, users have to type usernames and passwords as though they were signing into the account for the first time. At most, this is an annoyance. If you’ve forgotten your credentials, you’ll need to spend time resetting your passwords and the like to get back to an account that’s normally signed in by design. 

Reports of this annoying Windows 10 bug date back to April, as per the Windows Latest post. So, this is what Windows users have been bothered by for a significant period. 

Part of the explanation why it took too long for Microsoft to crack down on this topic is that it seems to have an effect on various apps for different customers – finding it impossible to find out if it’s the same or a new issue. 

After months of users suffering from this bug, the Windows 10 problem eventually patched in the next cumulative update. This is a positive thing.

The Issue is Bigger Than the Picture

Windows 10 users recorded this bug impacting a broad variety of apps-in addition to Chrome, Edge, and OneDrive the bug is often reported to impact applications such as Outlook and Adobe CC. 

The error has also stated to strike when the impacted Windows 10 users want to log in to a Google or Microsoft online account. Microsoft claimed the problem only impacted a limited number of Windows 10 customers; with a patch being reviewed by those in the Windows 10 Insider program. 

Windows 10 password forgetting problem is not the only thing that has recently plagued users of the most common desktop operating system in the world. Earlier this month, revealed that a patch that was intended to address a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) concern that had previously troubled Windows 10 users was creating many other issues.

Summary: Windows 10 users were first hit by an overwhelmingly annoying error earlier this year. Last month, Microsoft noted the issue that led apps to forget about user credentials. Users have to type usernames and passwords as if they were accessing the account for the first time. After months of users struggling from this glitch, the Windows 10 issue will finally be fixed in the next cumulative update. 


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