Windows 10 no Login Screen on Startup

Windows 10 no Login Screen on Startup

Can You See Windows 10 no Login Screen on Startup ? As you know, if you want to log in to Windows 10, as long as you have set your password, you have to first type your password on the login page. But often, the Windows 10 login screen doesn’t show, so you can’t start your machine as usual. Or, for other apps, no password prompt on the login screen refused to log in. 

If you don’t see the login screen on the Windows 10 startup window, you’d best do the following to bring it restored. Before you plunge deeper, hit Space and Enter the button to see if you can trigger the Command Prompt, and then boot your PC. 

Solution 1: Hard shutdown of Windows 10 

When you notice that there is even the Reset button at the bottom of the login screen or the PC crashed or disabled without any reactions. To move to a safe mode such that no password reminders can be seen on the Windows 10 login page, you must push your machine to shut down. 

1. Keep down the Power button to hard reboot the machine 3 times before the options screen appears. 

2. Choose Troubleshoot on the options screen. 

3. Then go as follows: Advanced Options > Start Configuration > Enter Safe Mode. 

Here you can select 6) Enter Safe Mode with Command Prompt to plan for the next solution. Still, of course, it’s a question of selecting 4) or 6)

Soon after you reboot your machine and start it again, disable the safe mode and you will see that no password prompt has been fixed on the login screen. 

Solution 2: Safe Mode 

If Windows 10 does not have a login screen on boot, you can need to get in safe mode from startup settings.

1. Hold down the Shift key and click the Reset button at the same time before the options window opens. 

You can’t use Device Settings to evoke safe mode on Windows 10 either because Windows doesn’t have a login screen.

2. Navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Launch Settings. 

3. Choose option 4) navigate SAFE MODE in Startup Settings. You may also pick between 5) or 6). 

4. When your machine starts up again, you will be asked to enter your password to boot. This indicates that the Windows 10 login screen missing is gone. 

5. After signing in, uncheck the Safe Mode box from the System Setup boot choices. 

From now on, you are free to log in to Windows 10 without an error on the login page. 

Next time you need to type a login password that will display on the login page. 

Solution 3: Disable Fast Start 

When you log in, in order to prevent meeting with Windows 10, fail to view a password sector, it is said that it is possible to turn off the quick initialization. 

In this scenario, you would not see an error on the Windows 10 login page. 

1. Go to Start > Settings > system. 

2. Click Additional Power Adjustments in Similar Settings under Power & Sleep. 

3. Choose the option: adjust what the power buttons do. 

4. Hit Adjust configurations that are not currently accessible. 

5. The fast startup alternative will be available. Uncheck the turn on Fast Start box, and then press Save Adjustments to take impact. 

At this time, you will see a Windows 10 login screen with a password prompt when you start your machine, which means that the Windows 10 login screen that does not exist would no longer happen to you. 

Solution 4: Reconstruct Windows 10 Boot Choices 

1. Access the safe mode with command prompt. If you have entered Safe Mode with a command prompt, it is simple for you to restore the startup parameters. 

2. Copy commands below one by one in Command Prompt, any time you enter a command, click Enter to operate it. 

bootrec /rebuildbcd – bootrec /fixmbr – bootrec /fixboot

3. Then Windows 10 is going to send you the drive letter that your PC has run. Maybe it’s not a local disk (C:), just memorize it, and then type it in the drive letter. 

It’s possible that the screen you’re signing in doesn’t show in Windows has been away from your machine.

Solution 5: Pick an automated login 

After you’ve experienced that the Windows login screen doesn’t appear after sleep, you might have remembered that you may need to log in automatically next time. Please try the following measures to set up an automated Windows 10 login. 

1. Press Windows + R to enable the Run box and type it in the netplwiz box. Finally, press OK to go to the User Accounts window. 

2. In the User Accounts pane, uncheck the User box and type the user name and password to use this device. Then Add and OK to save the updates.

Users must enter the user name and password to access the device. 

You don’t need to type your password now if you want to boot your device. And you will use that as an answer to not displaying the Windows 10 login page. 

Above everything, this article provides you the above forms to patch Windows without a login screen, even without a password request on the login screen. 

If the situation is so complex that there are no options worthy of viewing the Windows 10 login page, you’ll discover something useful. If not, it may be time for you to restart the Windows 10 setup.

Whenever you come across the error: Windows 10 no login screen on startup, fixes given in this article can fix it. In the worst cases, you will have to contact an expert to get the issue rectified. 


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