Fix Windows 10 Tile Database Corrupt

Windows 10 Tile Database Corrupt
Windows 10 Tile Database Corrupt

Do you want to resolve Windows 10 Tile Database Corrupt Error on your Computer? Then simply make use of the simple and advanced methods to solve the dilemma. Windows 10 users come through this Tile Database Corrupt when a taskbar and Cortana bug happens. Windows Scan would not work while this bug happens on our desktop. 

This is not an easy dilemma since the Start Menu or Cortana would not show any action whenever the error message occurs. But we all know the Start Menu is a crucial component of your Windows Computer.

Problem Overview – Windows 10 Tile Database Corrupt

Many consumers use Windows as their primary operating system. Users can see various forms of error messages when operating with Start Menu and Cortana. One such concern that all of us face is the Tile Database Corrupt error. If you’re facing this dilemma, this article is going to help you fix it. 

The Tile Database is corrupted due to several causes. There are some of them:

  • An Issue With The Current User Account
  • Corrupted Startup Files
  • Corrupted Hardware
  • Missing System Files
  • Third-Party Antivirus/Anti-Malware Software

Basic Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 10 Tile Database Corrupt

For most cases, the person will resolve the issue by easy or specific troubleshooting techniques. So, you may be able to solve the Windows 10 Tile Database Corrupt with the following suggestions. 

1) Reboot Your Computer:

The very first thing you need to do after you see this corrupted Tile Database error is to restart your machine. Through doing so, much of the concerns are fixed on Windows 10 PCs. 

2) Restart Windows Explorer:

You can still see the Windows 10 Tile Database being corrupted on your PC. Then try restarting your File Explorer or Windows Explorer.

Or, you can try out the following methods:

Uninstall Conflict Antivirus/Anti-Malware: Sometimes, antivirus or anti-malware software may often contribute to a variety of errors. While they’re shielding PCs from viruses, it’s a lot of trouble for consumers. 

  • But to repair the Windows 10 Tile Database Corrupted problem, you need to uninstall the antivirus by deactivating it. 
  • You will use the Control Panel to disable antivirus or anti-malware on your Windows 10 Computer. 

Earlier, Microsoft did offer the Start Menu Troubleshooter. You will search the problems and correct them on your PC using this troubleshooter. Thus, all conflicts relevant to the Start Menu or Cortana will be resolved. 

But still, Microsoft is not offering either of these troubleshooters to address the Start Menu issues. So, follow the segment below to use technical approaches to repair it.

Run System File Checker (SFC):

Execute an SFC or System File Checker test on your device. This scans all the deleted files and substitutes them with the right ones: 

  • Launch a command prompt with authorization from the administrator
  • Right-click the command prompt 
  • Then type The Sfc/Scannow Command and Click Enter
  • Scan now in The Command Prompt Type 

Now, you will have to wait until the scanning phase is complete. Whenever it comes to a close, restart the machine to see whether the mistake always exists or not.

Reinstall Start Menu Or Cortana:

In some situations, reinstalling the Start Menu or Cortana can fix a corrupted Tile Database error. So, try reinstalling the Start Menu by performing the following guidelines: 

  • To open a search box, click Windows + S keys. Now type Windows PowerShell and choose it from the Results section. 
  • Right-click the PowerShell button and then choose the Run As Administrator choice. 
  • Select Windows PowerShell to run as Administrator 
  • You will see the PowerShell Window with a white-blue hue. Type The Next Commands One-By-One By Pressing Enter To Reinstall Start Menu Or Cortana On Your Windows 10 computer.

A – Get-AppXPackage -Name Microsoft.Windows.ShellExperienceHost | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.Xml”}

B – Get-AppXPackage -Name Microsoft.Windows.Cortana | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.Xml”}

After completion of the command execution phase, reboot the desktop machine. 

Confirm the Windows 10 Tile Database Corrupted error has been corrected or not.

Perform DISM Scan:

The DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) check even repairs the Tile Database Corrupt. So, observe the instructions below closely. 

  • To access a search box, use Windows Icon + S. 
  • Type CMD And Select Command Prompt Of The Better Matches. 
  • Right-Click It And Choose the Run As Administrator Function. 
  • Right-click the command prompt 
  • The Command Prompt is now opening with the Admin Privileges. 
  • Copy & Paste The Below Command and Click Enter to check the DISM on your PC. 

DISM.Exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /Scanhealth

After the scanning phase is finished, it displays the “Successfully completed operation” notification. 

Now, run the following command. 


DISM Exe Online Cleanup-Image RestoreHealth and Click Enter 

Thus, the “Restore Operation Successfully Completed” notification is seen. 

Finally, restart the Windows PC and access the Start Menu without any issues.

Use Classic Shell:

Classic Shell is one of the strongest software specifically designed by users of Microsoft Windows. Users may use a range of features, such as 

Personalized Start Menu with a range of skins and types. 

Start the Button Menu. 

Assume you have a concern with the Start Menu or the Cortana on your Windows 10. You will use the Classic Shell to open and use the Start Menu.  

  • Download the Classic Shell  
  • Now, select the path you want to take to install and operate it. 
  • And check whether or not the Classic Start menu choice is enabled. 
  • You can configure the Start Menu Icon, Start Menu Sort, etc. You need to press the OK button to save the updates as you are doing so. 

You’ll see the Standard Start Menu on your Windows Desktop. Using Start Menu (Windows) to navigate the Start Menu by default.

Create A New User Account:

Make a new user profile to really get rid of this Windows 10 Tile Database Corrupt. 

Select Start Menu, then go to Settings. 

  • Choose Settings Option 
  • Launch the Settings app on your PC and press the Accounts icon. 
  • From the left-hand column, you need to select the Family & Other Users choice. 
  • Tap on the option Family & Other People 
  • After that, press Add Someone Else To This PC Alternative To Continue Further. 
  • Press on the other users to connect somebody else to this PC. 
  • Then, the Microsoft Account Wizard will show on your computer. 
  • Press The I Don’t Have This Individual Sign-In Details Page. 
  • In The Next Stage, you need to select Add A User without a Microsoft Account Choice. 

Click on the add-on without a Microsoft account. As a consequence, including the specifics to build an account for your PC. 

Offer a correct username, password, and other information to build a new profile on Windows 10.  By doing so, the customer would not see any fault in Tile Database Corrupt on their desktops.


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